Our Story

DFC is a Govt. Of India appreciated Firm that promotes new talents and businesses.Its Boutique Brand Management, Event Management, Communication and representation Agency for Ace Designers, Luxury Labels, Jewelry and Textile brands, We also deal with PR AND MEDIA SERVICES.


The success of DFC campaigns actuated a raft of multiple projects, giving rise to a renowned agency offering integrated marketing or 360 degree marketing & communication solutions. With a wide range of our state-of-the-art brand solutions, we help our clients promote their brands nationally and internationally. We offer a complete suite of brand management services including PR services, Creative and Advertising solutions, Digital & Social Media services, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Management (SEM), Television, Filming and Production services, Internal Communication Management, Marketing services, Website Development, App Development, Event Management and much more.


We are skilled in providing end-to-end marketing services which begin with strategic evaluation of the technical and operational aspects of your business followed by the implementation and execution of our strategies and keep the ball rolling there on. Having a deep routed understanding of media and marketing know-how and expertise in executing stellar campaigns for brands across all the major industry verticals, we have transformed brands by giving them an original and iconic personality which helped differentiating themselves from the clutter of clones in the market. Our strategies are based on the underlying factor that cost and return on investment are the key results that we need to deliver to our partners. We laid a solid and principled foundation for ourselves in the communication industry to become what we are today. Today, after providing unmatched service for close to 2 decades in the competition with a 100% success rate, we are constantly growing with over 60 professionals from our eight service hubs.



DFC intends to provide a platform to the budding and established Fashion Designers of India, a dais where they can showcase their talent in domestic as well as International markets. The board members have been directed to focus their effort in the following directions:

Seminars : To keep the members up to date with latest trends and techniques by the experts in the fashion industry.

Exhibitions : To help organize art exhibitions for the members’ to keep them innovative and encouraged.

Fashion Shows / Trunk Shows : DFC aims to organize fashion shows regularly to keep the members and audiences updated about the latest trends in fashion and giving the new designers a platform to introduce themselves.

Promotional Activities : The board shall keep promoting the designers through regular promotional activities and marketing strategies.

Multi-Branded Fashion Boutique : Establishment of retail outlets in most of the major cities of the country.

Website : DFC aims to create and link the individual portfolios and websites of the designers with DFC’s website so that interested people can contact them with ease.

Art Gallery & Library : To keep a catalogue and collection of the Indian Handicrafts and to preserve textile history.

Policy Formation : As a mediator between the designers and the government DFC will keep a track of policy update and changes to upkeep the designer’s interests. Excise duty, taxation systems, and preferential tariffs for cargo are important matters which need to be focussed on regularly.

Social Activities

DFC shall focus on the Social aspect and help the upliftment of the society as well:

  • Helping rural women to get employment in the fashion industry and also teach them about the upcoming trends.
  • In addition to the above, the board will work towards creating a platform where the interest of the members can be discussed to facilitate their growth professionally.
  • To forecast and predict fashion trends, the board will make available sufficiently large database of the industry experts.

Focus Areas

  • Education for rural women becomes a critical focus point.
  • Negotiation becomes difficult for designers who are not well versed with the contracts; DFC helps to bridge the understanding gap and smoothens the process. Same way, mediating between Designers and members of the society shall also be handled.
  • To encourage local talent and designer members, national and international dignitaries shall be invited for the award ceremonies to recognize their exemplary work in their field.
  • As the government also suggests to promote Khadi from time to time, there shall be an aim to bring back Khadi and Handicrafts into the mainstream from all parts of INDIA.
  • The knowledge about the development of the fabric and forecasts, shall be imparted with the support of the textile mills.
  • There will also be work done to promote journalism, specially related to fashion industry.
  • The media professionalswill be encouraged to travel to international level fashion events to understand and learn about the necessary standards.